About Maylands Peninsula Primary School

MPPS School History

Maylands Peninsula Primary School officially opened at the beginning of the 2004 school year as a result of the amalgamation of the Maylands and East Maylands Primary Schools.

Maylands is an area currently undergoing redevelopment and this has added to the significant diversity that exists within the school's student population. This diversity is characterised by student whose backgrounds include refugees from a range of African nations, students from Asia and Europe together with local indigenous students. Additionally, the school draws children from a multitude of socio-economic backgrounds.


We are focusing on developing the skills and values necessary to allow students to maximize their educational and social potential in an ever-changing world. Through an exciting outcomes-based, cross-curricula approach students will develop life-long learning habits, transferable practical skills, self-management and leadership skills and the ability to set goals and monitor their own learning. The use of information technology in all learning areas will be encouraged and the children will become capable and competent users of media and all associated hardware. Our students will be supported to develop attitudes and values of care and concern for self, others and the environment.

Staff Commitment

Teachers at Maylands Peninsula Primary have been selected because of their commitment to an outcomes focused approach to learning and their desire and ability to cater for the needs of individual children. Teachers and the school's administrators are keen to work with all parents to achieve the best for each child in the school and parents are encouraged to establish early links with both so that we can work in partnership towards our shared goals.

At Maylands Peninsula Primary School we are committed to providing a caring, flexible, practical and innovative education for your child.