Kindergarten 2021 Applications

We are currently accepting applications for Kindergarten 2021 by email only.

Please email with the following documents:

  • Completed Application for Enrolment form
  • Proof of address, eg: council rates, current lease, driver's license
  • Child's birth certificate or current passport
  • Visa details if applicable

When we receive your email, your child will be added to our Kindergarten 2021 list and once we return to normal operations, we will ask you to bring original documents to the office for us to sight. If you are unable to email through this information or have any queries, please call the school office on 9462 6700.

Thank you for your understanding.

Local Intake Area

Local Intake (Boundaries)

Maylands Peninsula Primary School is a Department of Education designated Local-Intake school. This means we are only able to accept enrolments from a specific area around the school. Shaded areas on this linked map indicate optional local-intake areas for neighbouring schools - please refer to the map description below for further details.

The following defines the local-intake area of this school: MAYLANDS PENINSULA PRIMARY SCHOOL (Government Gazette Dec 2004).

The following defines the local-intake area of this school-
From the intersection of Guildford Road and Garratt Road, south east along Garratt Road to the Swan River, south, west, north and west along the Swan River to the south eastern extension of Packenham Street, north west along this extension to Packenham Street, north west along Packenham Street and its extension to the railway line, north east along the railway line to the railway crossing at Caledonian Avenue, south east along Caledonian Avenue to Guildford Road, and north east along Guildford Road to Garratt Road. The boundary parts of Garratt Road (south side), Packenham Street (both sides), Caledonian Avenue (both sides) and Guildford Road (south side) are included within this local-intake area.

The following defines an optional area between Maylands Peninsula Primary School and Bayswater Primary School:

From the junction of Caledonian Avenue and Guildford Road east north east along Guildford Road to Garratt Road, north west along Garratt Road and its extension to the railway line, south west along the railway line to Caledonian Avenue and south east along Caledonian Avenue to Guildford Road. The boundary parts of Guildford Road (north side) and Garratt Road (both sides) are included within the optional area, while the boundary parts of Caledonian Avenue (both sides) are excluded from this optional area.

The following defines an optional area between Maylands Peninsula Primary School and Inglewood Primary School:

From a point on the railway line on the south eastern extension of Central Avenue, north east along the railway line to the south east extension of Kennedy Street, north west to and along Kennedy Street to Carrington Street, south west along Carrington Street to Central Avenue and south east along Central Avenue and its extension to the railway line. The boundary parts of Kennedy Street (both sides), Carrington Street (both sides) and Central Avenue (north side) are included within this optional area.

The local-intake area maps are based on a written description of the local-intake area (LIA) for the school as published in the WA Government Gazette.  Although the map closely represents the LIA description, for some houses near the boundary (especially on street corners), it may be necessary to refer to the written description.  The street address of a residence is used to determine whether that dwelling is inside a particular LIA.  While local-intake areas for most schools do not change from year to year, changes may be made to local-intake areas as required.  Such changes are published in the WA Government Gazette and subsequently the local-intake area map will be updated.

For more information about enrolment policy and procedures please refer to the Department of Education's enrolment page at

Applications for Kindergarten and Pre-Primary for the first time.

Applications for the first round of offers for Kindergarten and Pre-primary are accepted any time during the year before attending until the closing date. This is usually the first Friday of Term 3.  Applications after this date will be considered on a case by case basis, in accordance with the Enrolmentpolicy and classroom availability.

You will be required to provide birth certificate/passport, child's immunisation statement. Proof of your place of residence (current rates notice and a utilities account). Copies of Family Court or any other court orders (if applicable) and information relating to disability or medical condition (if applicable).

If parent and/or child were born overseas you will be required to provide: date of entry into Australia, passport or travel documents, current visa and previous visa (if applicable).

Only original or certified copies will be accepted.

Once accepted, you will be required to complete enrolment procedures at the school.

If your Application for Enrolment is not accepted, you will be advised in writing within three weeks of the advertised closing date for applications.

Applications to Change Schools

Please refer to the General Information above.

You will be notified by the principal at the earliest possible opportunity if your application is accepted. In the majority of cases, parents will be advised within two working days.

Once accepted, you will be required to complete enrolment procedures at the school.

You will need to supply evidence of your child's progress from the previous school. This can be in the form of reports, records or samples of work.

If your child has gained enrolment from outside the local-intake area into a specialist program, their siblings will not be guaranteed enrolment in the school.

For a student with a disability who has significant and complex support needs, the principal will negotiate with the parent/responsible person the day on which the student will begin attending if the necessary teaching and learning adjustments are not immediately available at the time of enrolment.

Please note: It is a requirement of the Department of Education that any information on suspensions and exclusions is provided to the school at the time of applying to enrol a child. This information will help the school to provide your child with the appropriate support, if required. Children currently under suspension from a public school cannot be enrolled at another public school until the suspension period expires. Children who have previously been suspended or excluded from a public school may be required to enter into a behaviour agreement with the school if enrolment is accepted.


If you are applying to attend a school other than your local school, transport be your responsibility. All enquiries regarding school bus services should be directed either to the school where Application for Enrolment is being submitted or to the Public Transport Authority.


Should you disagree with a school's decision regarding your Application for Enrolment you can appeal to the Regional Education Office in the district in which the school is located.

The Regional Education Office will then seek to verify whether the process for managing Applications for Enrolment have complied with Departmental policies and guidelines. Prior to submitting an appeal, however, it is recommended that you contact the principal or the Coordinator of Regional Operations at the Regional Education Office to discuss your grievance informally. Appeal forms are available at Appendix C1, or from the school or the Regional Education Office.

For parents of students with a disability - If you remain dissatisfied with the decision about placement of your child, you may request an independent review of the decision. You should put your request in writing to the Director General of Education, through the relevant Regional Executive Director. A Disabilities Advisory Panel will be convened to review the placement decision. An opportunity will be provided by the panel for you to present your case. The Regional Executive Director will be able to provide you with detailed information about the panel.


All information provided on this form will be treated confidentially. Section 242 of the School Education Act 1999 and the Department of Education's Information Privacy and Security policy preclude this information from being used for any purpose other than:

  • to determine whether your application for enrolment can be accepted;
  • to assist the school with addressing any needs for your child if enrolment is accepted; and
  • to comply with legal requirements or ministerial directions.