The SmartLink App

The SmartLink App was recently upgraded and you may not be receiving your alerts from the school. If this is the case there is a simple solution - delete the app entirely from your device and reinstall it afresh from the App store or the Google play store.

Make sure you select Maylands Peninsula Primary School from the MY APPS section in the main menu.

This should fix the problem. If your alerts still do not come through please contact the school so we can ensure the issue is fixed.

Start using SmartLink App now!

You can download the Smartlink App from the following

Absentee notifications via the SmartLink App

Parents/carers attempting to send Absentee notices via the SmartLink school app need to have their email account set-up and working on the mobile device for this to work.

For help setting up email on your mobile device try the following resources:

iOS (Apple) Devices

Written Instructions

Android Devices

Written Instructions 



SmartLink Instructions 

Download the SmartLink instruction sheet