RAC Rescue helicopter visits
Maylands Peninsula Primary School.

Fortunately there was no emergency taking place!

It was in honour of the winner of the
Schools Road Safety Poster Competition.

After weeks of anticipation, and a hold up due to chopper maintenance, the RAC Rescue helicopter landed on Gibbney Reserve.

Students were able to view it close up and hear from the pilot and paramedics crew about their jobs.

The pilot told the school that he had landed his dream job. He said that he desired to become a helicopter pilot after watching one land at 5 years old! He encouraged all students to pursue their dreams and to be persistent in attempting to reach their goals.

This event was thanks to Mrs Powell's Year 4 class who entered the Schools Road Safety Poster Competition. One of her student's entries, the poster of Gerard, won the competition. Gerard and 5 friends were lucky enough to climb inside the helicopter and have their photograph taken with the crew.