Aussie Farmers Promotion

Fruit & Veg Box Drive Order

Fruit & Veg Box Drive Order Forms were sent home with students a few weeks ago. If you have lost yours please print out via the PDF copy available here.

How does the fundraising work:

1. For every family/member that orders a $37 Family Fruit and Veg Box during this promotion, Aussie Farmers Direct will donate $10 to our school.

2. Parents are invited to return the Fruit & Veg Box Drive Order Forms back to the school reception or the canteen. Upon collection of the Fruit & Veg Box Drive Order Forms, Aussie Farmers Direct will contact all families interested in the service.

3. Existing Customers already receiving the Aussie Farmers Service should still fill-out the Fruit & Veg Box Drive Form because then a $10 donation will be made on their behalf.

4. If there are families and friends in different areas that wish to receive the Aussie Farmers Service, however do not live in the delivery area of the school, they can still support our school. They can nominate our school as the beneficiary of their 2% on the web site by viewing their account details and selecting Maylands Peninsula Primary School as the beneficiary.

Aussie Farmers Direct are happy to extend the program for another week so please complete the Fruit & Veg Box Fundraising Drive Form to support our school and also give their service a try.

Aussie Farmers Direct

Follow Aussie Farmers Direct on Twitter: @AussieFarmersD

Forms are available from the school front office.

Online sign up: If you have any problems signing up online or get a message saying that Maylands/Bayswater is not serviced please get in touch with the P&C email