Library Snippet

Term 1 Week 1 3 February 2012

Welcome back to what is shaping up to be a very exciting year in our school.

All students P-7 have an allocated library time, please check with your child when this is and encourage them to remember to return their library books on that day. All students MUST have a library bag to borrow. Students with overdue books are not allowed to borrow until either their book is returned or the cost has been reimbursed (certain circumstances excepted). Twice a term your child/children will bring home brochures from Scholastic book club. Should you wish to order items please make sure the order form is correctly filled out with the students name and room number and placed in an envelope with either cash or cheque for the cost. If you order from more than one brochure and are paying either by cheque or credit card (details on order form) only one cheque or one credit card slip for the whole amount is required. Envelopes should then be placed in the wooden box in the office, BEFORE recess on the closing date.

This year is the INTERNATIONAL YEAR OF RENEWABLE ENERGY and several displays will be set up in the library at intervals over the year to highlight this event. Other displays will also be set up highlighting different days/weeks etc.

Families are very welcome to come and browse at any time, look at our new books, ask any questions.

I am available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday up till approx. 3.15 pm.

There is a large amount of lost property school uniforms in the library, please come and sift through and see if there is anything of your's that has gone astray. Literacy is one of our school's key iniatives and the ability of your child to select what they wish to read is important as is your encouragement of them to read and enjoy.

Happy reading Carol Abell - Library Officer