Birds of Prey Visit S4

On Wednesday the 18th of August, the students of S4 were fortunate enough to have a visit from a lady from the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Centre. She did a wonderful presentation, telling us all about the birds, their environment, diet and life span. She answered many questions.

Owls and an undersized wedge-tailed eagle.

We also saw some owls and an undersized wedge-tailed eagle. One of the owls was blind in his right eye and the wedge tailed eagle also suffered from poor sight. We were allowed to hold on of the smaller birds on the glove by ourselves. After this, we dissected owl pellets which is the part of the owl's diet which it does not digest. This can tell environmentalists a lot about the birds like the area they live and what they eat. As we pulled bits out of the pellets, we matched them up to a chart and were able to almost piece together the whole skeleton of a small rodent. It was a fascinating incursion.

Author: Alex

Wedge tail Eagle