Tummy Rumbles

The canteen is open from 8.30am-1.00pm Monday to Friday.

The canteen is managed by the school Parents and Citizens Association. (P&C)

Placing an Order

To order at our canteen please write your child's name, teacher, classroom and order on an envelope. Place the correct money inside the envelope and seal carefully. Place the envelope in the classroom lunch order basket. Your child's lunch will then be placed in a lunch bag with the receipt (and any change) stapled to the bag.

*Accepting online orders - go to quickcliq to place your order.*

Running our Canteen - VOLUNTEERS

The Canteen Coordinator, is always looking for volunteers to help out. If you are able to help, even for just a couple of hours per month, your children will love to see you at school!

Please remember that the Canteen operates with no school or government funding and relies solely upon sales and the generosity of volunteers to continue to operate.

Morning tea and lunch is provided for volunteers. Wearing closed in shoes are a must for health and safety regulations. Please let the canteen or P&C know if you can help. Phone 9462 6705

The canteen has taken peanut butter and nutella off the menu to reduce the risk to people with nut allergies.

Canteen Menu

We accept Online Orders - go to quickcliq to place your order.

Summer Canteen Menu

Grab our summer menu -printable copy here.