The Honorary Treasurer

Treasurer Operations Manual

[DRAFT Feb 2012]

1. Pay all accounts:

  • including canteen invoices,
  • reimbursements
  • and other approved expenditure.

All accounts will be placed in the treasurers pigeon hole in the staffroom.

Invoice Approval

Ensure that all the invoices are approved either by Ivana (canteen), or the President, or you have a signed memorandum of requested expenditure. These memo forms are located in the blue plastic folder and need to be signed off at the monthly meetings by two elected members.

To Process:

  • Go to MYOB
  • Go to Purchases
  • Enter Purchases
  • Choose supplier
  • Tab thru to date
  • Enter Date
  • Enter Invoice number on the account
  • Tab through to Account number - choose relevant account
  • Enter amount
  • Tab through as gst not relevant
  • Press Record (this process has recorded the account but has not paid it)
  • Use or write entered on the account and file until you are ready to pay the account.

To Pay:

  • Go Purchases
  • Pay Bills
  • Type in Supplier
  • Tab to cheque number and make sure it is correct next cheque
  • Put in todays date
  • Place amount of invoice
  • Tab through to show amount applied and 0 out of balance
  • Press Record.
  • Write out cheque
  • Exit out once and go to Print remittance advice
  • Change to print 2 copies
  • Tick correct invoice and press print.
  • Attach one copy to cheque and sign cheque - send to school for second signatory to sign and then post.
  • With second copy, file with the account and place in paid invoices file.

2.) Receipt money from canteen and uniform shop.

Uniform shop -

At least monthly seek the receipt book from the Uniform Shop Coordinator and receipt the Uniform shop Sales into MYOB.

To do this:

  • Go to Banking > Receive Money > Place in date, Payor, Amount Received,
  • Choose Account Number - 42000 Uniform Shop Sales,
  • Put in amount and tab through rest,
  • then record.

Cross through each entry that you have recorded in the receipt book and give back to the Uniform Shop Coordinator.

Canteen Sales -

Every Fortnight either Wednesday afternoon or Thursday morning get from the Canteen Coordinator the Timesheet book and the Canteen sales book.

For each day of the canteen we need to receipt the proceeds taken from the canteen and take off from each the purchases that have been made out of the canteen sales till.

To do this:

  • Go to Banking > Receive Money > Place in date. Payor is Canteen Sales .
  • Tab down to Account - 41000 -
  • Canteen sales equals the amount banked plus the value of purchases out of the till proceeds.
  • Go to next row type in 51000- Food Purchases, amount should automatically come up as you tab over it as long as the Amount received up the top of the page is correct.

Repeat this for each day.

3.) Pay wages for canteen fortnightly

Gain the wage book and see who has worked for the week. In General it will be the Canteen Coordinator, but may also be other personel on occasion.

To pay wage and record super:

  • Go To Payroll > enter Timesheet > choose employee > choose correct pay week by using arrows.
  • The pay week is Thursday to Wednesday.
  • The General Payroll category is Base Pay - but also need to add in sick leave and holiday pay if relevant.
  • After Timesheets are entered go to Process payroll > Make sure fortnightly > And correct pay period
  • Ensure tick is on the employees that you wish to pay - untick all others
  • Double click on auto cheque number and actually input the cheque number.
  • Go into Select and Edit Employees pay > make sure the correct amount of hours is showing. This will automatically calculate the tax to withhold and the Super payable.
  • If you need to alter these amounts - this is where you can.
  • Once you are happy with the amount click OK and then record.
  • Go to Process payments - don't print pay cheques but print 2 copies when it asks you to print (down the bottom).
  • Write pay cheque, attach one copy of this and place in file for second signatory to sign. File other copy in paid invoices file.

4.) Month end procedures:

Reconcile bank account

  • Go to Banking
  • Reconcile Accounts
  • Put in bank Statement date and end of month balance
  • Click on the Debits and Credits that are on the bank statement
  • Once all entered- ensure that the bank and calculated statement balance are the same. If they are
  • Click on Reconcile
  • Then Print 1 copy
  • Then once printed go and click reconcile again.
  • If it doesn't balance ensure figures are correct and no entries were missed.

Print Reports

Once you have reconciled print the following reports for the monthly meeting.

Reports needed are:

  • Multi period Spreadsheet P & L Jan - Current Month Display and then send to pdf or Excel and save the file somewhere. This file should go to the Secretary via email
  • Profit & L Multi current period - again save as pdf or excel.

5.) Quarterly reporting

Every quarter we are required to remit PAYG to the ATO and complete their statement. Copies of prior statements are located in the file. We are also required to remit superannuation.

How to complete and remit PAYG: -

  • Go to reports > Payroll > Activity Summary and put in last quarters dates.
  • Hit Display and print this report...
  • The total wage figure should be filled in on the front of the ATO form as should the total taxes figure.
  • Draw a cheque to the ATO for the amount of the taxes. You can enter by going into payroll, pay liabilities, liability type taxes, payg withholding. Or you can pay via Banking spend money and use PAYG Withholding as code.
  • Send form and cheque (signed by 2) to the ATO by the due date.

How to remit superannuation:

We do not have the super add on on MYOB - so:

  • Go to Reports Payroll > Payments by Employees,
  • type in date range and print the report.
  • Each employee has a different super fund. (For example Ivana is Hesta. You need to complete the Hesta form and attach a cheque for the amount.)
  • Take a copy of the form and file in Super section.

To record super payment:

  • Go to Banking > Spend Money,
  • type in date > amount > choose super fund as account,
  • use expense account 62480 - Superannuation to Pay
  • and record.
  • Go to print/email remittances and make 2 copies.
  • Keep one on invoice file and attach other one to Hesta form and send to Hesta. (Or alternative Super fund depending on employee)

Update uniform shop stocktake if relevant

To do this:

  • Go to Accounts > General Journal
  • DR 11400 Inv uniform stock CR 51100 Uniform purchases with new stock value at cost
  • DR 51100 CR 11400 with old stock value at cost
  • Place copy of journal entry and stocktake in plastic folder in Bank Rec folder

6.) Starting new financial year in january

  • After month end tasks and backup ,
  • Go to File > Start a new Financial year - follow the prompts - keep open data from 2010 forward.

7.) Other Duties

  • Attend monthly meetings and provide summary of financial status
  • When required bank or count monies from fundraising events
  • Ensure all agreed expenditure is documented and filed in invoice files.
  • Chase up suppliers if invoices appear incorrect or we have not received stock that we have been billed for.
  • Ensure that the wages for canteen are up to date - check wageline periodically