P&C Executive Committee Duties

Due to the size of our school, the P&C Executive Committee needs to comprise of:

  • A President
  • A Vice-President
  • An Honorary Secretary
  • An Honorary Treasurer
  • And not less than three (3) other members

But with the approval of a General Meeting the positions of Honorary Secretary and Honorary Treasurer may be held by one person elected for that purpose at a General Meeting.

The role of the President

The President shall, when present, preside at all General and Executive Committee Meetings of the Association.

The role of the Vice President

In the event of the President being absent the Vice-President shall preside over the meeting and where both the President and Vice-President are absent then the meeting shall elect a person to preside for the occasion.

The Honorary Secretary

The duties of an Honorary Secretary shall include:

  1. The conduct of all correspondence of the Association.
  2. Keeping the minutes of the Association.
  3. Maintaining a register of financial and ex-officio members.
  4. Retaining custody of all documents relevant to the administrative activities of the Association.
  5. Forwarding in writing the names of the office bearers and committee members to the Principal of the school, before 30 April each year and where the Association is an affiliate of the WA Council of State School Organisations Inc then to that Council as soon as possible after each election.

The Honorary Treasurer

The duties of an Honorary Treasurer shall include:

  1. Being responsible for the receipt of all monies paid to or received by the Association.
  2. Issuing receipts for all monies received on the receipt forms of the Association.
  3. Paying all monies received into such bank account or accounts as the Association may from time to time decide upon.
  4. Making payments as authorised by a General or Executive Committee meeting by means of cheques.
  5. Ensuring all cheques on all accounts of the Association (including any committee of the Association) must be signed by any two (2) of the following - President, Vice-President, Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer of the Association and one member of the Executive Committee who is appointed for such purpose at the Annual General Meeting of the Association.
  6. Maintaining proper books of account.
  7. Preparing annual financial statements for audit and such other information as the Association may require at each Annual General Meeting.
  8. Presenting a written financial statement showing the current financial position of the Association to each General Meeting and/or Executive Committee Meeting of the Association.
  9. Forwarding a copy of the audited annual financial statements to the Principal of the school, or the Principal of each of the schools where an Association is formed for a group of schools, as soon as is practicable after those statements have been approved by the Annual General Meeting and where the Association is an affiliate of the WA Council of State School Organisations Inc then also to that Council.
  10. Retaining custody of all books, documents, securities and the like relating to the financial affairs of the Association.

If you think you have what it take to be our next P&C Treasurer please read the Treasurer's Handbook

The Honorary Auditor

  1. At each Annual General Meeting there shall be appointed an Honorary Auditor or Auditors (preferably persons holding appropriate qualifications), who shall audit the annual statement of accounts and balance sheet of the Association and shall certify the same.
  2. The Honorary Auditor/Auditors shall have the powers, at any time, to call for the production of all books of account, vouchers and documents of the Association.
  3. The Honorary Auditor/Auditors shall not be an officer or member of the Executive Committee.

The Quorum

  • For the Executive Committee of the Association, the quorum of shall be five (5) members.
  • For a General Meeting of the Association the quorum shall be (10) financial members.

Office Bearing Nomination Form

All Office Bearer positions and Executive Committee memberships are declared vacant at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to give other members the opportunity to nominate. There is, however, nothing to stop someone from continuing to nominate and seek re-election.

To express a wish to nominate for a role on the P&C please email pac@mpps.wa.edu.au prior to the Annual General Meeting (usually held in March or April of each year).


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