Parents & Citizens Association

Working together to support the work of the staff and students at Maylands Peninsula Primary School.

Role of the P&C

Our P&C has three main roles within the school community:

  1. To run the canteen
  2. To run the uniform shop
  3. Provide the school with funds for much needed resources


Membership is open to parents and guardians of children attending the school and to citizens (over 18 years of age) who are interested in the work of the association. To become a member come along to one of our P&C meetings and pay the membership fee of $1.00. Membership is renewed at each Annual General Meeting (AGM).

For Maylands Peninsula Primary School to continue to run a P&C Association we need to have a minimum of 10 financial members at each meeting. Parents and citizens may attend up to 3 meetings as a non financial member.


Our P&C currently has 3 subcommittees that report to the P&C:

  1. Fundraising
  2. Uniform
  3. Canteen

Each of these subcommittees needs parents and citizen volunteers to assist with the work.

P&C Office Bearers and Appointed Roles

Office Bearers

President: Daniel West
Vice President: Tammy Deshon
Treasurer: Sinead Kelly
Secretary: Melinda Thomas
Executive Members:  Trish Horton and Erin Gisborne

Appointed Roles

Uniform Shop: Trish Horton and Amber Applebee
Canteen Subcommittee Convenor:Tammie Deshon
Fundraising Subcommittee Convenor: Cate Abordi
School Banking P&C Coordinator: Denisa Faix
P&C WACSSO Representative: Vacant
Bookclub Coordinator: Miriam Xavier

Read more about the roles in the P&C...

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The P&C generally meets on the 1st Wednesday of each month between 6.30 - 8.30pm in the school staff room. Due to school holidays dates may sometimes vary. Single parents wanting to be involved in the P&C are encouraged to attend with children. Sign up for P&C minutes and announcements.

P&C Minutes of the Meeting

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