Maylands Peninsula PS provides a very strong focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Well-being. Combined with this focus and the broader curriculum, students are provided with additional opportunities to enhance their skills and understandings on the following:

English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program

EAL programs in selected schools of the Department support EAL students to attain English language proficiency necessary for successful participation in mainstream schooling. During enrolment, EAL students are classified followed by the development of an appropriate learning program.


With the advances in ICT infrastructure and professional learning, teachers across the school are providing more opportunities for students to use various ICT tools including computers, iPads and interactive white boards.

Class teachers incorporate computer use in a variety of activities and a Computer specialist teacher assists is some class groups. Some areas of focus include:

  • Presentation work includes research projects, creative writing, planning documents and critical analysis of various media using programs such as MS Office, Inspiration, Prezi, Photostory and the Internet.
  • Simulation of events and experiments in Science, Mathematics, Health and Social Science.
  • Creative design work with computer drawing and photo manipulation.
  • Supporting and extending basic Reading and Numeracy skills with the provision of access to Mathletics and Reading Eggs, as well as other skills programs on the computer and iPad systems.
  • Interactive White Boards are used throughout the school to further involve children in hands on learning, developing skills and sharing information.

ICT is utilised to assist in the teaching of skills as well as being a skill in itself. The Australian Curriculum recognises the importance of developing these in computers in education.

Physical Education

All classes receive Physical Education instruction to ensure each child develops the early fundamental skills of movement developing into more complex skills and game strategies. During instruction, students participate in skill drills and game situations. The values of sportsmanship are also very much encouraged during instruction and all sporting carnivals

Dance Year K-6

All students are encouraged to participate in a fee-based dance program that culminates in an annual night time Arts performance. K-PP students are involved in Nat's Dance and Year 1-6 students are involved in EduDance.


Year 1-6 classes receive general music instruction each week. Students are given the opportunity to create, perform and reflect upon a variety of music styles. We also have an active school choir and a 'garage' band that perform at school events.

Instrumental Music - Clarinet and Guitar

Following an established testing program, Year 5-6 students are invited to participate in either Clarinet or Guitar tuition for a two year period through the School of Instrumental Music (SIM). Students are then offered opportunities to perform at a variety of functions such as assemblies and award presentations.

Languages Other Than English - (French)

Year 3-6 classes receive LOTE (French) instruction once per week. This opportunity enables students to eventually communicate effectively and appropriately in French. Specific tasks involve students in speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as developing an understanding of the French culture.

Primary Extension and Challenge (PEAC)

Students in Year 1-6 who demonstrate exceptional talent or giftedness are invited to attend the PEAC program. This program offers students the opportunity to test their skills and develop understandings related to complex and diverse areas of interest.

Games Factory

This play based approach to Values Education focuses on shifting the student-teacher relationship from one based on control and compliance to one based on control and compliance to one based on guidance and self determination.

You Can Do It!

As part of our focus in Values Education in the Early Years, our children are exposed to the' You Can Do It!' program. The program's core purpose is the development of young people's social and emotional capabilities, including: Confidence (academic, social), Persistence, Organisation, Getting Along, and Emotional Resilience.

School Chaplaincy Program

Our School Chaplain, Mrs Eva Johnson, provides pastoral care as she builds relationships with students, families and staff. Mrs Johnson also coordinates the Breakfast Club, which is held from 8.00am-8.30am each Tuesday and Thursday, NAIDOC Week and Harmony Day activities. You can contact Eva at school on 9462 6700 , leave a message in the Chaplain's Chatter Box located on the counter in the school library or by emailing


Students are given many opportunities to participate in a range of interschool, state, national and international competitions throughout the year including:

  • Sporting-cricket, volleyball, netball and football
  • Mathematics Association of WA Have Sum Fun Online international problem solving competition
  • International Competitions and Assessments (ICAS) run by the University of NSW