COVID-19 Response at Maylands Peninsula Primary School

Report COVID-19 Positive Case

Please report any new positive COVID-19 case  in your household to the school

Report COVID-19 Positive Case 

Frequently Asked Questions

Updated Friday 29 April 2022

Who is a close contact?

A close contact is now defined as:

  • a household member or intimate partner of a person with COVID-19 who has had contact with them during their infectious period,
  • someone who has had close personal interaction with a person with COVID-19 during their infectious period, where they spent greater than 4 hours of cumulative contact with them in a residential setting in any 24-hour period, (i.e. a home, accommodation facility) where masks have been removed by both people during the period of contact
  • someone who is directed by WA Health that they are a close contact.

WA Govt: close contact information

Are parents/caregivers required to inform the school if their child tests positive or is a close contact?

Yes. Parents/carers are instructed to inform the school if their child tests positive and must keep them home until they have completed their 7 day isolation period and are well and free of symptoms.

Report a COVID-19 case in your household

My child is a close contact, can they attend school?

Yes, but they must take a Daily Rapid Antigen Test and receive a negative result each day before attending school

No, if student has any symptoms, is unwell or tests positive for COVID-19.

Does the school have any RATs?

Yes. Collect free Rapid Antigen Test from the school office between 8am and 4pm or phone the school to send them home with your child or friend.

Do students have to wear a mask?

No. Masks are no longer required to be worn, however staff, students and visitors are welcome to wear masks while on school site.

Are Parents / Caregivers allowed on school site?

Yes. Parents/caregivers are allowed on school site, including for:

  • entering the classroom if needed at drop-off/pick up;
  • arranged parent/teacher meetings;
  • to volunteer in roles outside of the classroom that are essential for the operations of the school, including the canteen and uniform shop;
  • school events including assemblies, sports carnivals and Edu dance concerts.

Public Health Measures in WA

Based on the latest health advice, public health and social measures apply throughout Western Australia to help safely manage COVID in the community and keep Western Australians safe.

COVID-19 coronavirus: What you can and can't do

COVID-19 Response

Updated 29/4/2022

Our school continues to work in partnership with WA Health and the Department of Education as we respond to the pandemic.

Students, parents, caregivers, staff and visitors must not attend school if they have symptoms or test positive to COVID-19.

The refined close contact definition means schools will no longer need to contact trace classroom or equivalent contacts.

If any member of your household tests positive to COVID-19 with PCR test or RAT, please advise the school using the report a positive case form.


After testing positive, you must isolate for 7 complete days from date of infection.

  • The day you tested positive is day 0, and you then need to complete 7 full days of isolation.
  • On Day 8, if you do not have any symptoms, you can return to your school or workplace without any need to do another PCR test or RAT.
  • Based on updated information provided by WA Health. Persons who have tested positive to COVID-19 do not have to extend their isolation based on household contacts later testing positive.
  • If students are unwell, they should stay home until symptoms clear.
  • Please note that the Omicron strain can present with less typical symptoms such as diarrhea and vomiting, particularly in children.
  • If you have queries or concerns, please contact WA Health on 1300 316 555. 


  • WA Health has advised that the person will not be treated as a close contact for 12 weeks from the date they leave quarantine.
  • Recovered cases do not need to be retested within 12 weeks after release from isolation, regardless of symptoms.
  • If at least 12 weeks have passed after release from isolation, and a recovered case has re-exposure to a positive case, the recovered case should be managed as a contact.
  • If they develop new symptoms they should complete a PCR test.

Remote learning

  • Students required by WA Health to quarantine will undertake remote learning via Connect.
  • It is very important all parents/caregivers can access Connect. If you are unsure how to log in, please contact the school administration, 9462 6700, for assistance.

WA Health COVID-19 Information

WA Govt: COVID-19 coronavirus information

WA Govt: What you can and can't do

WA Govt: Testing, isolation and close contact FAQs