Denise Quathamer
2022 School Board candidate

Denise Quathamer

My name is Denise Quathamer and I am interested in one of the board member positions at Maylands PPS.  I have been a parent of the school for 6 years, where my daughter Zoe commenced Kindy in 2013, and finished year 6 last year so has moved onto high school.  I also have my son Kyle who commenced from Kindy in 2015 and is in year 5 this year.  We had 2 years away from the school when we relocated to Busselton and returned to Maylands in January 2021.

I am a Finance Professional, holding a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in accounting, and a qualified Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) for over 16 years.  I have worked in many industries over my 20 plus years of experience including Manufacturing, Not for Profit (Aged Care), Facilities Management in Health, and Insurance.  Most recently I am the Head of Finance for a multi-national manufacturing company.  In January 2021, I was appointed as a volunteer Board member with Carers WA, a non-profit, community-based organisation who represent the needs and interests of all carers in WA.

My recent senior roles have focused on the strategic plan and vision of the company to ensure compliance, growth, and profitability into the future.  My experience in many industries has enabled me to provide best practice solutions to initiate efficiencies, process improvements and cost savings across the business.  I have a strong focus in governance, working closely with boards to ensure policies are up to date and compliance is a focus.

I believe having a finance skillset is valuable on any board, who can focus on the financials provided and raising any potential concerns, providing insight on alternative solutions, or just providing advice on all finance matters.  With extensive experience compiling, analysing, and reviewing budgets, I can ensure the school is operating with the financial resources required to provide continued and new services while trying to keep costs down for parents.  This combined with being a part of the school as a parent, spanning over 8 years, I would really enjoy this opportunity.

I believe Maylands Peninsula Primary school is a fantastic school and I am always advocating for the school and teachers.  After spending two years in Busselton where the children attended a private Christian school, I really can't compare the level of support, communication and sense of community received from our school, with Maylands PPS being a true stand out.  The teachers are wonderful and really go above and beyond to support both the students and parents.  I would love the opportunity to give back to the school.