Suzy Watson
2022 School Board candidate

Suzy Watson

I would like to submit my expression of interest for the current open Board Positions. My name is Suzy Watson and I am the Mum of 3 students at MPPS in years 3,1 and Kindy with a 4th due to start in 2025. I am consistently impressed with the various initiatives, programs, and sense of community that MPPS have implemented in the time our family has been attending (2 years) and I would love to get involved.

I believe if selected, my experience and skills will enable me to make a positive and supportive contribution as a member of the MPPS board;

  • I am a deep believer in the transformative power of education and excited to be on this fantastic learning journey with my children. Professionally, I am the co-founder and CFO of a global experiential education technology company, Practera, which operates in the University-Industry space. We work with 70+ Universities and thousands of employers in Australia and around the world to build student skills for future careers. I've personally designed many learning programs, mentored hundreds of students & project teams and run innovation accelerators across multiple Universities.
  • I'm a deep believer in diversity and am proud to have built a global team which is 60% female from leadership team down and 70% culturally & linguistically diverse.
  • I am a strong advocate for STEM education and women in technology, being a 3x tech startup founder, have a double degree in Chemistry and was a 2019 Austrade Woman in Technology finalist.
  • Overall I have 20 years' experience in governance, board reporting, strategy & planning, finance and accounting, fundraising, procurement & contract, project and operations management. I have worked in these functions in a range of sectors including education (Practera, ECU), mining (Sirius Minerals), retail (Ecommerce startup) and banking (Bankwest, HBOSA, CBA), for startups, listed and multi-national companies. I hold a Masters in Accounting.
  • In my current role, I work with many Institutions and Government Departments, seeking to implement projects and programs aligned to strategic objectives, within frameworks, guidelines and budgets. These include Austrade, CSIRO, all State Governments and all Australian Universities.
  • I also have extensive experience in fundraising, developing proposals and business cases, having raised numerous rounds of venture capital and dozens of successful grants from federal, state and local agencies.

If selected I would look forward to participating on the Board as a constructive and supportive member and seek to bring my experience and aligned ethos to bear to help build an even stronger MPPS into the future. As I understand from my daughters MPPS is a Dockers leaning school, I trust my Eagles membership would not be held against me. I look forward to contributing to this great school.