Recycling Station Changes

Thank you to everyone who has been bringing in items for our recycling station. It is great to see so many people getting involved and doing their bit to help our environment.

We are pleased to introduce two new recycling schemes. You can now bring in bread tags as well as any plastic bottle top lids (up to 5cm in diameter) that have a number 2 or 4 recycling symbol printed on the lid. This typically includes milk, juice and soft drink lids.

Plastic Lids

Please remove any foam or plastic insert from the inside of the lid and make sure the lid is clean and dry. We have two separate bins for plastic lids. Please check your lid for either the number 2 recycling symbol (or "HDPE") or the number 4 recycling symbol (or "LDPE") and make sure you put it in the correct bin. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept any lids that do not show these details directly on the lid.

Other changes

  • Our oral care bin now accepts electric toothbrush heads.
  • The writing instruments bin now accepts correction fluid pots and correction tape.
  • Wind up crayons are now to be placed into a separate bin to be recycled, rather than the writing instruments bin. Please make sure the crayon insert is completely removed.

Please also continue to bring in your used batteries, pens/markers/textas, dish and air care products, printer cartridges and oral care products. The recycling station has signs outlining exactly what items can be recycled under each program. We will also be sending out an updated information sheet through the SmartLink app soon.

Please note that the Recycling Station will be available up until Friday, 13 December 2019 for items to be dropped off. This is to allow our Sustainability Coordinator, Karen Hayward, the opportunity to clean out the bins of any general rubbish during the final week of term, prior to storage over the Summer holidays. So please bring in any items you have been storing and otherwise, feel free to collect over the holidays as the Recycling Station will be returning in 2020!