School Business Plan

As an Independent Public School, Maylands Peninsula Primary School is required to have a Business Plan. This document sets a clear vision and purpose focusing on excellence in teaching and learning.

The Maylands Peninsula Primary School Business Plan communicates to staff, parents and the community the overall strategic direction of the school and what we want to achieve over a three-year timeframe. It is developed in consultation and collaboration with the School Board, staff- teaching and non-teaching and the school's Leadership Team.

The Business Plan articulates:

  • Our vision and purpose;
  • Our ethos;
  • Our self-assessment process;
  • Our focus areas, school targets and associated improvement strategies;
  • Our challenges;
  • Our Workforce Plan.

The Business Plan serves as a point of reference point for all school decisions. At the end of its three-year cycle, which is generally timed to coincide with the Public School Review, a new Business Plan is developed.

Through the development of our Business Plan, we have a shared vision, common purpose and reciprocal commitment by all stakeholders in the school community for the future direction of Maylands Peninsula Primary School.