School Board Report

As this year – and this decade – draws to a close, it is worth reflecting on our School's motto of Learning Together.

The learning aspect is a given and it was great for the MPPS Board to hear at our Term 4 meeting how well students in Year 3 and Year 5 had performed in their NAPLAN tests this year. MPPS continues to perform strongly academically, which is a credit to both the teaching staff and the students who apply themselves so well.

As we approach another Year 6 Graduation Ceremony, it is also worth reflecting on working together.

Earlier this year, I described our School as a tree whose health relies on the strength and well-being of the various roots that make up the MPPS community – for example, the School's staff, our students, the Year 6 student councillors, parents and caregivers, the P&C and the Board.

The Board asks our student councillors to address us at the start of each year to tell us a bit about their ambitions and targets, and again in Term 4 for a summary of their year.

Two weeks ago we heard from Alysha Trinh, Samson Pozzi, Kai Kabugua and Ashleigh Bolton about their joy and pride at being this year's student councillors, their feelings of responsibility and duty to help and look after other students, the respect with which they were treated by their fellow students, and the challenge of achieving the goals they had set themselves at the start of this year. And it was wonderful to hear their desire to introduce and prepare next year's student councillors.

This year's councillors have represented MPPS extremely well and should be proud of their achievements. I wish them – and indeed our graduating Year 6 class – all the very best in secondary school.

The Board also extends best wishes to retiring teachers Robyn Trend and Heidi Kellner-Marshall, who have been part of the teaching staff since MPPS first opened its doors in 2004.

On behalf of the Board, I want to briefly address the P&C. We all enjoy the cake stalls, election day sausage sizzles, discos, school banking and movie nights – not to mention the MPPS uniform shop and our Tummy Rumbles canteen – that are run for the benefit of the entire School community. It takes a team of dedicated volunteers to carry out these roles.

P&C president Dan West retires this year and we thank him sincerely for his tremendous contribution. I also want to acknowledge the outstanding efforts of this year's P&C fund-raising committee, led by Mandy Tompkin and Jess de Beaux, which raised $50,000 for our School, resulting in a donation of $98,000.00 in funds in 2019. Just look at all the new playground equipment to see how we benefit from the P&C's efforts. Thank you.

On that note, it was wonderful to see so many parents and community members join us for the annual Volunteer Morning Tea two days ago. Together, you are helping to keep the MPPS Community strong and healthy, and I urge your friends to join us in 2020 – whether in a formal or an informal capacity. Your support is always needed, and always appreciated.

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Finally, thank you to my fellow Board members for your dedication and enthusiasm this year, and to our principal Paul Andrijich and his MPPS team for another year of success at our School.

I wish you all a joyous festive season and holiday and look forward to catching up again in Term 1 next year.

Peter Klinger

School Board Chair