Uniform FAQs

Early next week, a Connect message will be sent out to the school community regarding the school uniform update that was announced in the last newsletter. I would urge all school community members to read the information carefully, as it provides both background, context and explanation of the discussion to date.

A number of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) have been compiled in response to questions that were identified by the Leadership Team and/or Uniform Committee as part of decision making process or in response to questions that have been sent through to the Leadership Team and the P&C since the announcement.

The FAQS is a working document that will be added to as we work through the proposed changes to our school dress code, and in response to additional questions that will be asked and answered through the on-going consultation process itself. The FAQs will be hosted on our school website for the school community to refer to.

I would like to emphasise that whilst the current proposal was in response to conversations that were initiated at the P&C level in mid-2020, the decision to proceed with the inclusion of a faction uniform to our school dress code was made by the Leadership Team in response to a clear and identified operational need for the school- which is explained in greater detail in the FAQs.

If any member of the school community would like any further clarification about the process to date, or concerns that haven't been addressed in the FAQs, please make contact with a member of the school Leadership Team.