Faction Shirt

As a parent/caregiver, we are asking you to vote for your favoured style for a standalone faction polo shirt. The current school polo shirt will remain 'as is' at this time.

The survey will provide the Leadership Team and the Uniform Committee with direction as to the preferred style of the school community. The Uniform Committee will then proceed to work with suppliers to provide a Maylands Peninsula Primary School faction polo that will be available through the Uniform Shop.

The main design factors included on any MPPS faction polo shirt design will be:

  • The four faction shields- Brearley, Ferguson, Hardey and Venville.
  • The four faction colours- blue, red, green and yellow.

At this early stage, we are leaning towards a two stage process:

  • Stage 1- Identify whether our school community would prefer a 'block' colour as opposed to a faction polo 'style'. In the event that the 'block' colour is the preferred option, the Uniform Committee will move forward engaging with the uniform providers to bring this to life. In the event a stylised faction polo is the preferred option, we will move to Stage 2.
  • Stage 2- As there are a plethora of options in regards to a faction polo designs, the Uniform Committee will shortlist 3-4 faction polo designs to put to the school community for consideration. One of these designs will be the hybrid concept already flagged with the school community.

Every current parent/caregiver will receive a unique code and link to the simple (1 question) survey by email from School Survey.

The survey closes on Friday, 18 June.

Once the survey is complete, this information will be used by the Uniform Committee in consultation with potential suppliers to create unique designs for Maylands Peninsula Primary School faction polos.

After the process of community consultation is complete, a final design proposal will be put before the School Board for their consideration


There are two examples from the Uniform Committee to consider with the faction shirts, either Block colour or a distinct MPPS design. These are examples only and the Uniform Committee needs some direction from the school community as to whether the preference is for a MPPS design or block colour shirt.

Option 1- MPPS Design

These are examples only of the possible design of a MPPS faction shirt. If this style of shirt is preferred, there will be a second survey to select the final design.


Option 2- Block Colour

If a block colour design is preferred, it will be similar to this design with almost all the shirt in the faction colour with the house crest on the left chest.


Thank you for participating in this process.