Aimee Smith
2022 School Board candidate

Aimee Smith

Since my daughter started school at MPPS last year I have loved building a new community here and have been grateful to see my daughter thrive. I would be delighted to give back and contribute to the school through a position on the MPPS Board.

Professionally, I am a sustainability and climate change researcher and consultant working across government, business, and education. I have a Masters in Sustainability and Climate Policy (Curtin). Prior to this, I trained at the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and spent the first decade of my career working as a professional choreographer and artist.

These skills, I hope, will be valuable assets I can bring to the school community. I would like to support the school to expand its commitment to sustainability, and acknowledge the work already being done in this space by individuals at the school. I will also be a vocal advocate for the value of arts and creative experiences in our children’s education.

I have previous experience as a Board member for not-for-profit organisations.

I envisage my role on the Board to be one that provides strategic direction and enables a thriving school culture, ultimately supporting the MPPS teachers to be able to do what they do best – educate and care for our kids.