Matthew Clarke
2024 School Board candidate

Matthew Clarke

My name is Matthew Clarke, and I am the proud father of a curious and enthusiastic Year 1 student at our wonderful Maylands Peninsula Primary School. Having grown up in the Maylands and Bayswater area, I have a deep appreciation for our community's spirit and the crucial role our school plays in shaping the futures of our children.

After school, my journey took me through a term of service in the army, where I developed a strong sense of personal discipline, leadership, and teamwork. Following my service, I pursued studies in archaeology and geology, which not only deepened my understanding of the world around us but also honed my analytical and research skills.

Beyond my professional life, my passion for physical activities—particularly martial arts and hiking—has taught me the importance of resilience, focus, and the value of a balanced approach to both mental and physical well-being. These experiences have instilled in me a belief in the power of a well-rounded education that balances academic rigour with physical health and well-being.

As a professional geologist and someone deeply rooted in this community, I've learned the importance of looking beneath the surface to uncover potential. This perspective is what I aim to bring to the School Board. My experiences as a parent, combined with my wife's passion as a highly experienced primary school teacher specialising in literacy, have given me a broad understanding of the educational challenges and opportunities schools face today.

I am committed to representing our diverse parent body on the Board, bringing forth the concerns, ideas, and aspirations we share for our children's education. I am particularly passionate about enhancing our school's focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), drawing from my background as a scientist to contribute to a curriculum that prepares our students for future challenges and opportunities.

With a heart full of passion for our school's success and a mind eager to contribute ideas and solutions, I would be honoured to represent you on the School Board. Together, we can ensure our children's journey at Maylands Peninsula is enriching, inclusive, and forward thinking. Thank you for considering my application. I am excited about the opportunity to make a positive impact and to work alongside each of you to foster a vibrant, engaging, and successful learning environment for our children.

Warm Regards

Matthew Clarke