School Dress Code Policy

The Maylands Peninsula PS Dress Code has been developed to promote a positive image of the school and to create a sense of identity amongst students. Acceptance of enrolment at Maylands Peninsula PS assumes an agreement between the parent/caregiver and the student to conform to the Code.

The Code has been developed by the School Board in consultation with students, teachers and parents/caregivers. Students are expected to comply with the Code as they are expected to comply with other school rules i.e. classroom behaviour, absences, bullying etc

The school's colours of dark/light blue represent our local environment.  The school's polo shirt is the key item of the uniform that we would like all children to wear. All of these items are of the highest quality and can be purchased from the P&C Uniform Shop.  In line with Department of Education policy, the School Board and P&C have endorsed a 'no denim' policy across the school.  This policy prohibits the wearing of jeans or denim shorts. Students are required to wear appropriate footwear on days they are engaged in Physical Education activities. No thongs are to be worn as they do not provide protection in the playground.

School uniforms show the child's pride in his or her school and a willingness to be part of a united team working towards shared goals and beliefs. We support the wearing of uniforms because it provides each child with a sense of belonging at school, and for parents/caregivers, it is a cheaper alternative to providing a variety of clothing, especially as children get older and more fashion conscious.


In the interest of safety and to minimise potential loss, jewellery should be kept to a watch and stud earrings only.


Makeup and/or coloured nails are not appropriate.


Hair should be neatly groomed and kept out of eyes. Shoulder length or longer hair should be kept tied back.