Mobile Phone Policy

Policy Statement

Whilst it is understandable that some parents provide mobile phones to their children for safety and other reasons, we must protect the safety of all students in our care and the maintenance of good order in our school.

Not only is mobile phone use disruptive, using mobile cameras (still and video) to film people and their activities without their knowledge and/or permission is an invasion of privacy and will not be allowed.

Parents will be requested through newsletters and assemblies to support the school by monitoring and encouraging their child's appropriate use of technology including mobile phones and the internet.


  • As soon as students enter school grounds, their phones must be off and away in their bag and smartwatches must be put into 'flight' mode.
  • Students who bring mobile phones to MPPS, must hand them to their class teacher for safe keeping at the beginning of each school day.
  • Mobile phones will be switched off and locked in the classroom until the end of the school day. In the case of a child leaving school early due to illness or an appointment, they will request from their class teacher their phone before leaving the school grounds.
  • Mobile phones are not to be used by students in classrooms or during break periods.
  • In situations where a student has the need to contact parents, this can be done via telephones situated in each Learning Area or Reception.


  • Students who need to monitor a health condition as part of a school approved documented health care plan.


  • Any student found not to be handing their phone to their class teacher for collection will be required to do so and will have their parents reminded of the school's policy on mobile phone use.  Repeated infractions will be considered disobedience and will be dealt with as per procedures of the school's Behaviour Management Plan.