Supervision before and after school hours

Before school

School staff cannot guarantee close supervision of child before 8:30am. Any student arriving before then should go immediately to the undercover area with a book to read or a quiet activity to undertake. Students will be dismissed by supervising staff at 8.30am to make their way to class.

After school

Children are asked to leave the school grounds and to return home at the conclusion of the school day. Any students who cannot locate their parents or care givers after school are asked to return to their classroom to wait with their teacher. At 3.15pm, any uncollected students will be sent to the office to be supervised by administration staff. Administration staff will endeavour to make contact with parents and care givers to make arrangements for collection.

On the early close Tuesday, students are requested to go to the Junior Learning Area by 2.45pm to be supervised by non-teaching staff whilst the weekly staff meeting takes place.

Children must not play on the playground equipment whilst waiting to be collected. Supervision is required at all times to increase a child's safety.